How do I clean/replace the spray tips on my surface cleaner?

  1. Turn off the pressure washer and turn off the water supply. Release the residual pressure by squeezing the gun's trigger.

    2. Disconnect the pressure washer wand from the surface cleaner.

    3. Using a 14Mm 6-point wrench wrench (not provided) remove both nozzles from the spray bar.

    4. Using the nozzle cleaning tool, free any foreign material clogging or restricting opening of the nozzles. You can to take a sewing needle or some other like tool/gadget and clean them from the outside in. It may be hard to insert the cleaning tool due to built up debris.

    5. Flush debris out of the nozzle. Direct the flow of water through the nozzle backwards from the outside to the inside. Once you push the debris out and the tool you're using moves in and out of the hole freely, hold the spray tip to the light and look at what type of hole you see. If you do not see an oblong shape and you just see a circle opening then they're still not clean. It's an oblong hole and until you see that, they're not fully clean.

    6. Attach the wand back to the surface cleaner, set the surface cleaner on a flat surface. Turn on the water (DO NOT START THE PRESSURE WASHER) and squeeze the trigger on the gun. Allow water to run through the spray bar for approximately 30 seconds.

    7. Reinstall the nozzles to the spray bar and tighten securely, align the nozzle opening parallel to the spray bar

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